Changes at Wag-a-Way

As the warm summer days slowly change with the season, so do our thoughts turn to changes at Wag-a-Way.  After 20 years in the animal care industry, we too are changing our focus so that we can continue to enjoy the things that bring us joy and pleasure and also provide safe and healthy options for our customers and their amazing dogs !  Read on...

Here are the things that will NOT change...

Grooming by Jennifer !

Jennifer will continue grooming your wonderful dogs exactly as before.  And...

We will continue to offer this amazing service for the luckiest of mini-dogs.  From total freedom - sleeping in bed with their nanny   to   home-cooked meals and breakfast in bed - Anything goes!  Also...

Oz Yorkshire Terriers bred by Loreta

Loreta is continuing her breeding program of world-renowned Yorkshire Terriers.  A carefully selected group of beautiful Yorkies, joyfully collected for over 30 years that win accolades internationally.  They are occasionally available as pets in the GTA communities only and we offer full follow-up of boarding and grooming and round the clock advice and assistance along with Yorkie events.

Yorkie Rescue

We will continue to accept any Yorkie or Yorkie-type dog into the CYTA rescue program, regardless of the condition or age or health or special needs of the foundling.  Please ask us about any dogs we have available for adoption.  READ ABOUT OUR CHANGES BELOW...


Boarding in the kennel

Our kennel boarding will be limited to several dogs at any one time.  This change will offer our guests a very low stress and low key stay and enable us to care for our loyal customers while  enjoying the things that bring us joy make us happy - DOGS! 

Priority will be given to our loyal clients who have used our services for many years and whose dogs we have come to know and love.


Drop off and pick up times - Hours of Operation

Also changed are our hours of operation which will now be by appointment only.  We will arrange individual times with all our clients to suit their busy schedules and to meet their needs. Appointments for drop offs and pick-ups will be arranged between 8 am - 6 pm at no additional charge.  Appointments outside these hours may be subject to additional costs.

Contact Me


3316 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M 4J3, Canada



(905) 845-0526

Cage-free boarding for Munchkins under 15 lbs

(905) 845-0526

3316 Dundas St W, Oakville, ON L6M 4J3, Canada

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